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Heart Diseases

I can simply say that Dr. Jyoti Gandhi has magic in his hands. Today my mother is recovering only because of his perfect guidance and support. Being a doctor, being an elder brother and being a human being, he had played his every role very well. I don't have words to pay my regards to him but only i can say thanks.


Acne Disease

Dear Dr Thanks for your treatment, my pimples are improved a lots, occasionally one or two appears and it heals after two to three days,


Breast Tumour Diseases

"Dear Doctor Tarun as you suggested i had taken the medicine as per your advice, Being a Gynae Doctor and my Husband a Surgeon, we both are surprised by the result of your medicine. My MRI reports shows there is no fibroadenoma. It is totally gone away. We could not believe it, your medicine is wonderful. within three months a nodule of 28x32mm has disappeared, itís imaging. I will recommend you the cases.

Dr. Neeru Sharma- NOIDA

Alopecia Areata Disease

"Dear Doctor, as you remember I had two patches of baldness on head, the smaller one is totally filled with hairs the bigger one also got hairs sparingly, Please send me medicine for one month more. Thanks for your treatment.

Linda - California

Breast Tumour Diseases

"Doctor Tarun , I am feeling ok, The pain did not occurred after your first Dose, It looks as there is no nodule or hardness there, if you suggest should i go for MRI, I am feeling that tumour is disappeared . Doctor i could not find words to thanks you.

Mitali- Dehradun

Muscular Dystrophy Disease

" Dear Doctor my legs were not responding to my will, i oftenly fall during walk, and it was getting weaker day by day, my knee were knocking during walk after starting your treatment i can walk easily now without falling, My legs are getting stronger now, thanks for your treatment and kindly let me know how much time will take to fully cure.

Gerrie - Georgia

Muscular Dystrophy Disease

"Getting up every day and feeling better, Thank you for your treatment, My daughter can walk now.

Joliza Nothnage - California
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